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 Brick Paver Driveway Cost Guide for Repair or Replacement

Guide to Brick and Paver Driveway Costs for both New and Replacement Driveways. Detailed guide also covers Estimates Brick Paver Driveway Repair Costs. The Calculator takes Important Factors Like the 2014 Brick Prices, Fuel, Labor and Gravel, Which can Effect the Cost of a Brick Paver Driveway.

Driveway paver stones are a wonderful option for homeowners who want a richly textured driveway while avoiding the industrial appearance of concrete or asphalt. Driveway paving stones are low-maintenance and come in a variety of very attractive colors, shapes and styles.

When installed by an experienced paver stone contractor, the driveway will upgrade the appearance of any home, boosting curb appeal immensely by giving the property a neat, well-maintained appearance.

In this Driveway Guide article about brick paver driveway costs, we will give you a complete overview of your driveway paver stone options, costs and the pros and cons associated with them. Pavers are also referred to as concrete pavers, paving stones, interlocking pavers and brick pavers.

Paver Stone Features and Options

This driveway material boasts tremendous durability. In 12-20 years, when neighbors are replacing or resurfacing their asphalt or concrete driveways, you’ll still be enjoying the beautiful fit and finish of your paving stones driveway. The concrete pavers are extremely tough, and if one should crack – which doesn’t happen often – it can be easily replaced with a seamless look. That’s not the case when you have to patch concrete or asphalt. The new section is easy to spot. And with concrete, you typically have to replace a large section, as big as 8×10 feet or more, when significant cracks mar the section. With driveway paver stones, you only replace the ones that are damaged.

Driveway contractors rate paver stone driveways as the easiest to maintain when considering them alongside asphalt, concrete and gravel. In time, dirt might fill the cracks and allow vegetation to grow. However, this is easily avoided by spraying with a safe and effective herbicide such as Round-Up and adding a small amount of new slag to the cracks every few years. Compare that to sealcoating asphalt and filling cracks in asphalt and concrete driveways every 1-2 years and you’ll see how low-maintenance paver stones for driveways can be.

There’s far more to brick pavers than durability and easy care. Paving stone is among the most attractive material to use in any driveway. Paver stones come in a wide range of shapes including squares, rectangles, 6-side and 8-sided pavers, and those with curves too. Some of the most attractive used differing sizes of square and rectangle pavers to create a unique, old world appearance.

In terms of color, natural stone colors remain the most popular, but brighter shades and hues can be found too. Rich browns and grays predominate, many imbued with muted tones of red, bluestone or green. Red brick pavers are still in high demand as well, giving any driveway a vintage appearance.

The variety of shades and colors allows you to select those that work best with your home’s siding, your landscape, the neighborhood and the exact look you want to achieve. Many driveways are installed using driveway paver stones of slightly differing hues to give the paver field a more natural appearance. This also makes it easier to replace one or two broken pavers in the future without having the new ones stand out. In summary, when homeowners are surveyed about the most attractive type of driveway, many choose a paver stone driveway as the best-looking of all.

Paver Stone Driveway Costs

Upfront paving stone driveway prices are among the highest for all driveway materials, but when you consider the long-term costs compared with asphalt or concrete, the price is very competitive. This is because brick paver driveways offer far less maintenance over the life of the driveway, and they simply last longer than asphalt or concrete.

Have the interlocking pavers installed, seal the surface to prevent staining and damage from winter’s freeze/thaw/freeze cycles, and you’ve got a very tough and durable driveway. You won’t incur the ongoing costs of sealcoating, filling cracks, cutting out and replacing sections and resurfacing the driveway associated with other driveway materials. So, if you’re looking for a combination of low maintenance and excellent longevity, a paver stones driveway is very hard to beat.

What about the brick paver driveway price?  When you get estimates, expect them in the range of $13-$20 per square foot depending on the type of pavers used and the overall complexity of the job. That price is comparable to concrete driveway costs where stamping or acid-staining is used to enhance the appearance of the concrete. Factor in the significantly lower maintenance costs for stone paver driveways and you’ll see they’ve got a clear cost advantage in the long-haul.

Pros and Cons of Paver Stone Driveways

This section really just summarizes what we’ve been over. The biggest downside is the upfront paver stone driveway cost. If you want an inexpensive driveway, consider gravel or asphalt. In addition, if you’re sprucing up you home to put on the market, or even if you plan to move within 5 years, paver stones are not a cost-effective option. However, keep in mind the far-lower long-term maintenance costs of brick pavers compared with asphalt and poured concrete driveways.

On the upside, driveway paving stones are beautiful, creating a very appealing drive for any upscale, attractive home. The variety of styles, shapes and colors gives you the opportunity to choose the right driveway for your purposes. In addition, they are extremely tough and durable. They’ll maintain their attractive appearance far longer than asphalt or concrete.

Finally, paver stone driveways produce a good return on investment for homeowners. They significantly increase a home’s value, and if you choose to put your house on the market, they will help the home to sell – and sell at a higher price.

Choosing an Installer for your Paving Stone Driveway

It makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates before choosing a paver stone driveway contractor. Learn about the contractor’s experience and look at their work. Choose one with the expertise that gives you the confidence the job will be done right, adding beauty and functionality to your home for decades to come.

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