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Cost to Install a Brick Driveway

Brick driveways have quickly become a very popular choice among homeowners when looking at materials to replace their old concrete driveway.

In this Driveway Guides article, we will discuss the reasons you may want to have a brick driveway installed at your home, as well as how much you can expect to pay to have one installed.

Unlike the fairly inexpensive concrete driveway, a brick driveway is one of the most expensive types of driveway that you can have installed at your home. Not considered to be the best DIY project primarily due to it being a labor intensive and lengthy project. Most people would be much better off having a professional driveway contractor install a brick driveway for them.

When you consider how much it will increase the value of your home, you may be willing to come out of pocket for it! How much a brick driveway will add to the value of your home is dependent on several different items.

  • What type of driveway is it replacing? If it was gravel for instance, this upgrade will increase the value quite a bit.
  • Is a brick driveway “out-priced” for your neighborhood? In other words, does everyone one else have a gravel driveway and lower cost home?
  • The area where you live (what city, state & county). There may be areas where an experienced contractor is not within a reasonable proximity to your home.

According to, upgrades such as repaving a driveway, adding bushes and flowers and upgrading lighting can increase the value of your home up to 10%. But when you add something as distinguishable as a brick driveway, you can reap rewards of up to 20%.

Advantages of Brick Driveways

Since brick driveways are considered very high end, when a potential buyer drives up your house to take a look, that first impression will mean everything.

  • They are also considered easier to maintain and can last more than 100 years when taken care of properly. Bricks can be individually replaced when needed and resealed each year to make it last even longer.
  • Easy to clean
  • Come in many colors
  • Very solid surface to they are easy to walk on
  • Full brick driveways are not common-place, they are considered a unique feature and add character to a home

Calculate Cost to Install a Brick Driveway

The biggest cost for a brick driveway will be in the labor. It takes quite a bit of time to install each brick by hand, and you pay for craftsmanship here.

You will have a choice between a lower and higher end brick. All are good, some are considered to be the best. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2.85 – $4.50 per sq foot for the brick pavers.

When it comes to labor, the cost will be based on the intricacy of the pattern you choose, as well as the level of contractor you choose. Some driveway contractors utilize licensed masons to this type of work – which can add quite a bit to the bottom line.  In general, you can expect to pay from $1200 – $4500 for installation costs.

So, for example, a 12 x 24 brick driveway will cost, in total, anywhere from $2020 – $5700.  Again, you should take into consideration the materials used, your locality,  and the intricacy of the pattern when figuring out how much you might spend.

If you need some help estimating, Homewyse has a great brick paver driveway calculator you can use.

These costs can seem steep, but you keep in mind just how much this will add to the value of your home, how little maintenance it will take, as well as the longevity of the driveway.  Make sure to always get several quotes on your driveway installation before you decide on one for the job.

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