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Wood Driveways | Not as Durable as Asphalt, But Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly!

Less durable than most driveway construction materials, a wood driveway made of wood chips is an attractive but temporary option for rustic driveways. Though attractive and more environmentally friendly than many materials, a wood driveway is also not as durable as asphalt, recycled glass materials, concrete or even turf.

However, a wood driveway is ideal for turf driveways that need stability for mud problems and for driveways in dry areas where the wood chips won’t get soggy.

Wood chips, the basis of wood driveways, are made by feeding tree branches into a brush chipper that chops the branches into thin chips. When chopped more finely, the same process creates sawdust. Because branches are rarely stripped clean before being chipped, twigs and leaves are another part of wood chips. For wood driveways, most homeowners pay a local company to deliver the chips in a pile on their property. Then, some homeowners spread and rake the chips themselves while others hire the same company to install their new driveway.

One benefit of a wood driveway is that it adds nutrients to soil. If your driveway is bordered by landscaping, wood chips will improve the soil quality and make your gardens flourish. For trees and shrubs, wood chips make great mulch. Wood chips also deter weeds and are often used for this purpose in landscaping. Using wood chips for pathways also reduces soil compaction from people and vehicles, making it easier for plants, worms and other dirt livers to thrive.

Often used to improve turf roads, a wood driveway can help prevent the rutting that happens with a dirt driveway, so your driveway remains smooth and level for easy driving. Because of this benefit, a wood driveway is a good option for homeowners looking to reduce the amount of mud on their driveway. Because a wood driveway is both affordable and environmentally friendly, they are a great option for rural homes.

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