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Tar and Chip Driveways | Durable and Inexpensive Driveways

If your thinking of redoing your driveway and want to keep the cost fairly reasonable, why not consider a tar and chip driveway.  If the loose stone appearance is appealing to you, you should consider a tar and chip driveway for your home. This type of driveway provides good traction because the surface is composed of tiny stones. The driveway will have a rough surface, unlike that of asphalt where the surface tends to be smooth and slick. There are many advantages to this type of driveway.

Some of the advantages to a driveway of this sort, besides the beautiful addition to your landscape are, small oil leaks can be covered by the gravel, this surface is less expensive than asphalt driveways and more durable. This driveway will last longer than an equivalent black top driveway. This driveway gives the look and feel of traditional gravel, but it is much stronger, more durable and easier to manage. If you have a beautiful landscape that exudes natural appeal, this material will bring your property full circle.

Installing you driveway is pretty simple. Hot liquid asphalt is spread over a large gravel base. Asphalt amounts can vary depending on the size of the driveway. Small colorful stones are spread over the hot and sticky tar. The stone will settle into the tar. This type of driveway is ideal for big areas and long driveways, because it is much more cost effective than blacktop. Tar and chip driveways blend in with the natural surroundings, which makes your home and property look beautiful.

With this method you can use the simple stone or go for a more decorative stone. There are many stones to choose from. You can be creative and choose from a variety of colors and shapes for your stones. Tan, red and brown are very popular colors for stone and could make for an interesting color pallet. Also personalizing patterns could be quite fun when laying your stone. There are so many possibilities when you choose the tar and chip method. Maintaining your new driveway is also very important.

Maintaining your driveway will require little maintenance, as there is no need to seal coat. Asphalt requires seal coating every few years. With a tar and chip driveway, chips have to be swept back onto the driveway, maybe once a week. Because tar and chip doesn’t have to be sealed it cuts down on yard work tremendously. Occasionally a few stones may have to be replaced. There can be some problems with snow removal. A snow plow could damage the surface of the driveway. Snow plows should move just above the surface of the driveway.

The tar and chip driveway surface has a classic, rustic and aesthetic quality, giving your driveway all of the great benefits of other surfaces, but with a greater aesthetic quality. It has the aesthetic finish to satisfy even the most challenging domestic application. This type of driveway is often installed for the added beauty it can bring to any home. It can resolve both the aesthetic and cost for your new driveway. Most people chose a tar and chip driveway for its great quality.

A tar and chip driveway may be just what you’re looking for if your looking to redo or install a new driveway. The process is very simple and it’ll add beauty and character to any home. The effect of stone rolled onto tar and chip driveway will give you great traction along with saving. Consider installing a beautiful tar and chip driveway.

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