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Slate Driveways | As Beautiful as Granite but Much More Affordable!

Slate is an attractive, high quality driveway material and is more affordable than other high-end stone materials such as granite or marble. This material is both non-porous and non-slip, making a slate driveway a safe, durable option for private roadways. A slate driveway can also be customized by color and rock type, lending homeowners creative flexibility in their design choices.

Slate is a type of limestone and comes in a various colors, patterns, sizes and finishes. All these options make it easy to get just the right aesthetic for your slate driveway. Slate happens to be one of the most affordable types of limestone used for laying driveways, but still maintains the look of class that comes with stone.

Slate is created when a metaphoric rock material comes under high pressure, from heat for example, or from being buried deep under ground. Because the material is created by enduring severe conditions, slate driveways are highly durable. In fact, is has been compared to concrete driveways due to its sturdiness. Slate can flake, but keeping it polished will prevent this marring. Humid areas and freezing temperatures won’t affect a slate driveway, though, making them ideal for areas that have moist summer and cold winters.

Installing a slate driveway is very simple compared to the processes that asphalt, tarmac and even concrete require. Because slate is acid resistant, your driveway can be laid directly on level soil, unlike other materials that require a sand foundation. This extra versatility makes slate more affordable for some homeowners.

The combination of both varied color and shape makes it easy to customize slate driveways. Instead of settling for a monotone concrete, you can pick and choose through slate options to create your perfect look. In fact, slate is often used around pools, on garden paths and for patios. The natural, subtle texture lends an elegant background to landscaping.

Unfortunately, a large amount of waste is created during the production of slate for driveways and landscaping. Engineers are looking for ways to use this waste for things such as gravel driveways, industrial road construction and garden design.

A slate driveway has the ability to look subtle and elegant, earthy and festive and even bold and bright. Your slate driveway will also require little maintenance and be easy to install. While more expensive than other materials, slate is the cheapest limestone available and still lends that elegant stone look. For a high class, stylish look, a slate driveway is an ideal option.

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