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Sandstone Driveways | Beautiful and Natural Driveway Options!

Sandstone driveways are among the most popular stone driveways used in the world, providing a natural and beautiful enhancement to any home. Sandstone, also known as arenite, is a sedimentary rock formed by erosion, and is therefore usually found in quarries near the sea, or where ancient seas used to exist.

Because of its relatively high resistance to weather, and the ease with which it is cut, sandstone is an excellent driveway construction material. It also comes in an extremely wide variety of colors, making it easy to suit the color of the driveway to the color of your home; furthermore, sandstone color is highly correlated with the region in which it was quarried, meaning your driveway can be a natural extension of the landscape, something highly sought after among landscapers and homeowners alike.

Sandstone can be tumbled, crushed into gravel, cut into stones or used in larger slabs, however, the larger the intact stone, the higher the cost of the driveway. In stone or slab format, sandstone is very sturdy, and therefore handles the weight of constant automobile traffic with ease. Furthermore, they are extremely weather resistant, making them an excellent choice for all climates.

In less than an hour a month you can maintain sandstone driveways and it is relatively easy , as their durability is incredible and their surface ages well, improving in appearance with time and wear. In cut stone formats, weeds must be removed regularly; in gravel formats, the surface should be swept once a week to maintain an even distribution; as slabs, sandstone is most durable, particularly if the foundation was well constructed. One caveat, however: motor oil dripping from cars can stain sandstone, and, therefore, should you opt to use a sandstone driveway, you should be especially vigilant about preventing oil leaks from your call, as well as cleaning up those that occur before they have time to set in. Applying a coating of sealant remedies this flaw, and should be a part of your maintenance routine.

Because of their durability and exquisite beauty, sandstone driveways are prized among homeowners everywhere. They are relatively expensive, however, but the price is offset by the many benefits they confer upon the property, including an increased curb appeal that can add to resale value.

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