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Pebble Driveways | Practical and Affordable Driveways

From standard asphalt, to stylish tile, to a pebble driveway, nearly every American family owns a car and they all need some place to park. A pebble driveway provides an affordable, easy to maintain driving surface that also provides a smooth ride for passengers. One of the other benefits of a pebble driveway is that drainage is practically built in. All these things added together make pebble a popular driveway type choice for car-happy Americans.

Pebble driveways are smoother than a gravel driveway, but they still aren’t as smooth as asphalt. Of course, when asphalt cracks from wear and tear or extreme weather, tar or asphalt is required to patch it up and restore the smooth surface necessary for driving. Driveways made of pebbles, on the other hand, only need a thorough raking to restore their constitution. Other than raking, the only maintenance required is a load of new pebbles every four or five years to keep the driveway functional.

Pebbles are the cheapest traditional material to make a driveway out of. The only thing cheaper is recycled materials, such as rubber tires that have been crumbled and spread out flat. Traditional black asphalt can cost as much as $6 per square foot but pebbles rarely exceed $3 per square foot. Asphalt costs so much more because pebbles or gravel have to be laid down first and then the asphalt is placed on top of that foundation. With a pebbled driveway, construction is done once the rock is laid down.

In harsh weather, a driveway made of pebbles continues to offer traction for vehicle tires to keep passengers safe. In freezing temperatures and even when covered by snow, pebble driveways don’t become slippery or dangerous. Pebble and gravel driveways handle water better than most materials, too.

Gravel driveways made with larger stones can look rough and even unappealing to some. With pebbles, the look is less harsh and can even be quite pleasing. Pebbles come in a variety of colors, from browns to reds and pinks, so you can have creative flexibility when designing your driveway. In fact, pebbles are often used aesthetically in landscaping.

A pebble driveway is an affordable, attractive alternative to traditional driveways. Pebbles will have trouble staying put on steep grades, but other than that a pebble driveway can be placed just about anywhere. With the low price compared to traditional paving methods and the easily maintenance, a pebble driveway could be your road home.

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