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Bitumen Driveways | Durable and Long Lasting, Just Like Asphalt Blacktop

If you are replacing, repairing, or putting in a new driveway, you should consider a bitumen driveway. Bitumen, also called asphalt, is a pitch material, which means it is a black, sticky, thick substance found in crude oil after the distillation process. It is mixed with gravel and used to pave roadways, runways, and driveways.

A bitumen driveway is flexible so it will not crack as readily as other types of driveways. It is also cheaper to buy and install than some other types of driveways. If you have a solid base, bitumen can be placed over any kind of material and this includes a concrete driveway.

One disadvantage is bitumen can get hot in the summer. It also does not last as long as a concrete driveway. It is also not as attractive as others, like stamped concrete than can have different colors and patterns.

Concrete driveways require less maintenance than bitumen driveways and they last longer. They can be colored and stamped to add visual appeal to the home. A concrete driveway is subject to cracks and when you repair them, they are unsightly. It is often recommended that you replace the entire driveway. It takes between three and five days before you can drive on a new concrete driveway.

Driveways made of brick, paving stones, or cobblestones are very classy and attractive. They are also more expensive than a concrete or bitumen driveway. They are better on level land than on a slope and they can settle over time making the surface uneven. They can also become slippery when it rains.

A gravel driveway is cheaper than a bitumen driveway and sometimes the gravel is mixed with sand. A concrete or bitumen driveway is more durable since a gravel driveway can develop ruts over time. Ruts can be re-filled and since they don’t crack, there is no need of repair.

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