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Driveway Safety Nets | Keep Children and Pets Secure in Your Driveway

If you have a new or updated driveway and want to add a safety feature or you simply want the peace of mind that comes with a traffic barrier for the kids, a driveway safety net is a good choice. Many parents choose to park a car at the end of the driveway or use a temporary barrier like sawhorses or a crude fence but a driveway safety net is a safer choice.

A driveway safety net creates a visible boundary for children and motorists to separate the driveway from the street A driveway safety net is not a fence and will not hold back a charging child on a bicycle but it is a highly visible border and will effectively catch a rolling ball to prevent a child from running into the street. This boundary is also important for toddlers learning where the acceptable play area ends and will prevent motorists from using your driveway to turn around. This safety feature is easy to install and remove. You can choose from a standard net or a retractable net that stores conveniently in one of the upright posts at the edge of the driveway. You will need to remove the net to get a car onto the driveway but the peace of mind that results from adding a driveway safety net is well worth it.

Driveway safety nets are made of weather resistant polypropylene so they are built to last. They come with stakes that install at ground level making installation of the net as simple as inserting the upright pole into the hollow stakes. There is no extra maintenance required. Adding a driveway safety net will make your driveway a safer place to play.

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