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Driveway Posts | Add Beauty to Your Home With a Driveway Post

Driveway posts add an architectural element of beauty and sophistication to your driveway. If you are replacing your driveway, or simply want to add distinctive beauty to your home’s approach, consider adding metal, or masonry driveway posts into your renovation project. Smaller driveway posts give you the ability to add lighting along the sides of your drive. Larger masonry or brick driveway posts, that are more like pillars, can be used to mount gates, decorative hardware, or as the focal point for landscaping.

Driveway posts can also add beauty to your home, and tie your property into the architectural styles of the region. Smooth, modern post will call attention to clean lines which may be the focal point of your home’s modern architecture If your home is in the south, or the southwest, larger posts that serve as the mounting posts for gates are perfect to draw attention not away form the house, but to set an expectation of elegance for what visitors will find as they approach your home.

Driveway posts can also be used for security purposes. If you driveway passes close to your home, a line of cement driveway posts can protect your home or buildings from accidentally being bumped by a large delivery truck, or someone who misjudges the curve. Driveway post positioned at the entranced to busy garaged, often called bollards, protect the foundation of the building from the same accidental damage.

Whatever your driveway remodeling project, consider adding driveway posts as a way of calling attention the surrounding architecture, or as a way to protect your surrounding property.

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