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Driveway Markers | Find the Edges of Your Driveway More Easily

There are many reasons to consider installing a driveway marker. The most important one is that a driveway marker allows you and your visitors to observe a visual cue above ground level that lets you know where the edge of the driveway is. This visual signal makes pulling into and out of your driveway much safer. Other uses for driveway markers include helping you find the edge of the driveway for snow removal, indicating the edge of a sidewalk, and sometimes installing one is a matter of pure aesthetics meant to improve the look of your landscape.

There are a few considerations that will help you determine the design and materials of the driveway marker you choose. Ease of installation is a must, so a design that allows you to press the marker into the ground using your foot provides you with an advantage over one that forces you to pound it into the ground. If the marker is topped with just a two-sided reflective surface, it may be difficult to position the reflector to offer maximum visibility. A four-sided reflector is ideal, as are strips of reflective tape encircling the marker at incremental heights on the pole.

Various types of metal and fiberglass driveway markers exist on the market, each with features that will appeal to different buyers. Steel rods provide superior strength but they will typically bend if run over and are difficult to return to their original shape. Fiberglass driveway marker rods are more forgiving if struck and less likely to damage a car’s bumper or paint job, so many opt for that material. An ideal driveway marker design is one that is strong, but has a flexible spring at the bottom so it can pop back up if it is hit by a car or cyclist.

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